July’s Fourth by Alexis Ayres

This is a really fun, sexy short read. I loved the heroine. She is a little older and a little curvier than the other women she works with, and they have an attitude with her, but has a good attitude about everything. She wins an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas for the Fourth of July, and has a lot of fun. It starts out a little bit disappointing, because she gets bumped from her flight, and has to take the next flight, and a guy is a jerk to her. He realizes he was a jerk, and buys her a drink, but then he sits right next to her in the bar, ignoring her. It is a real shame, because he is hot. Then she is stuck sitting next to him on the plane, but he ignores her some more!Read More »

Couch Surfing with the Billionaire: BBW & Billionaire by Alexis Ayres

This was a fun, sexy short read. It is a complete story though, not just a sex romp. The heroine has to go to Los Angeles for a friend’s wedding festivities, and can’t find a hotel she can afford. She has heard of couch surfing–staying with strangers in their home. She finds a website where people have had background checks, so she decides she is safe. She gets invited to stay over at a billionaire’s house for the weekend. They have emailed back and forth before the weekend, and she knows she really likes him before she gets there. And, when she meets him in person, he is so attractive. He is also a really nice guy. Later she finds out he likes to take charge in the bedroom, and the sex is hot!Read More »