‘Would You Rather…’ Blog Tag

Thank you THE BIBLIOTHÈQUE for the tagging my blog for ‘Would You Rather…’ You should read her excellent blog.

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read stand-alones?
I love to read a series. That way I get to stay in the author’s universe longer. It is hard, though, when I start a trilogy and then find out I have to wait for the next part.Read More »

My Father-the Standard to Whom I Compare All Fathers — Part 2

My previous post talked about Dad, now I’ll bring it back to reading, since that is the purpose of my blog. I’ll tell you how my Dad affects how I react to book boyfriends or book fathers.

My parents marriage modeled true love for me. Most relationships I see, and certainly the ones I was in, don’t compare positively.Read More »

My Father-the Standard to Whom I Compare All Fathers

My father was not a great man in any way that would get you written about in the newspaper. But, as a father and husband he was great. No one could state any fact about my Dad I wouldn’t be proud of. He was kind, thrifty, never got drunk, even though he drank beer and wine. He put safety and responsibility first, so he would never drive if he had drunk more than a very conservative amount.

He put family first, worked hard his whole life, Read More »

Free Books from Independent Authors-A Discussion

I love my Indie-authors, and I just want to talk about how they market their books. Authors usually have a full time job until they have a large library of books, and they don’t have a staff of people or a bunch of money to market their books. They are dependent on blogs, readers, newsletters, facebook, twitter, reviews on amazon, bn, kobo, etc. and exceptional book prices to get their books noticed.Read More »