Kiss Me Gone (New Adult Firefighter and Second Chance Romance) by Crista Wick

This book was great. The heroine goes through a lot of negative stuff in the course of growing up from 17 years old to about 24. She loses a beloved step-father, is horribly mis-treated by her mother and other high school kids, almost dies, is blackmailed, is falsely imprisoned, and more. I really liked her. Most people didn’t see her clearly, or understand her, but the reader could see why she felt the way she did.
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Elements of Chemistry: Parts 1-3 by Penny Reid

I bought and read each part of this book separately, but I want to review them together, because the whole is much more than the sum of the parts. This book is about college kids, and it really reminded me of what the high school and college experience were like. There were the cool kids, and there were the brains, etc. The heroine is all brains, not really understanding adult life at the beginning. She comes from an intimidatingly awesome, brilliant family. The family was supportive and loving, but she lacks self-confidence in anything but her mind.
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