Kiss Me Gone (New Adult Firefighter and Second Chance Romance) by Crista Wick

This book was great. The heroine goes through a lot of negative stuff in the course of growing up from 17 years old to about 24. She loses a beloved step-father, is horribly mis-treated by her mother and other high school kids, almost dies, is blackmailed, is falsely imprisoned, and more. I really liked her. Most people didn’t see her clearly, or understand her, but the reader could see why she felt the way she did.
The hero is someone she has known since before she was a teenager, and she has always loved him. He has always loved her. But family hatreds, and some of the awful stuff mentioned above, comes between them again and again. It isn’t really a second chance love story, it takes at least three chances.
Add in to the mix that the hero can never say the right thing to her when it counts, until the end, and it is almost unbelievable that they finally get together.
Going through all of this, seeing the characters develop, made me very invested in their love story. Ms. Wick made it impossible for me to put the story down before the end, and the end was pretty satisfying.

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Firefighter Dare O’Donnell walked through a blazing hell of flames and smoke to save me. But the fire wasn’t the first time we met. We were friends — almost lovers — years ago. Our past proves that I can trust him with my life, but never with my heart.

Old memories poison our future. His friends and family are toxic. Already, I’m halfway out the door. I just want one last kiss before I go.

This is a category length novel of over 58,000 words.

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