Husband Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire #1) by T. S. Joyce

This story is great. It is a lot deeper than most shifter romances. I really love how the bear shifter has to hibernate and the issues this causes.
Our heroine is a human living on a homestead in the wilds of Alaska. At the start of the book, she is kicking out a worthless boyfriend that hit her. It is near the end of winter, and the boyfriend had giving a lot of her food away to his family, leaving her with almost nothing to eat. There are secrets to come about the boyfriend.
The homestead is a lot of work for one person, so she decides to advertise for a husband. There are no good applicants. Then, a gorgeous, strong man comes to the door. It is our hero, who is a bear shifter. I won’t tell any more, but I loved how we got to see so much of her hard life and how they build a life together and how she finds out about shifters.Read More »

Command Me (The Royals Saga) by Geneva Lee

Alexander is hot! He is the Crown Prince of England in an alternate world where everything is the same as our world, except for the Royal family in England. He is a sexy bad-boy with a strong need for control. He pretends not to be a good guy, but he is actually a very smart, thoughtful man.
He meets a lovely college graduate by chance, they kiss, and it gets on the tabloids. He sees her to apologize and the attraction overwhelms them both. They both try to pull back, do the right thing, but they are too attracted.
It is hot and sexy, I love the heroine. The situations are surprising and well-written. I loved the dialog.

The story of Prince Alexander and Clara Bishop covers 3 books, all of them pretty long. These are not novellas.Read More »

The Norseton Wolves by Holly Trent. A Four Part Series–So Far!

The Norseton Wolves are a pack made up of the rejects from other wolf shifter packs. Mostly, these men were rejected for being too alpha–they were just too strong for the packs they grew up in–it could have threatened the status quo. They called for wolf shifter women, since they are ready to mate and build up the pack. The Norseton pack Alpha has a good relationship with the Goddess that cares for the wolf shifters, and she directs him which couples belong together. Even though they are brought together for a lot of different reasons, and pure chance, they are true mates. The four stories follow each of the pairs as they discover mated life.

The fourth book, Scion, just released August 14, 2015.Read More »

Their Captivated Bride (Bridgewater Menage Series Book 3) by Vanessa Vale

Vanessa Vale writes such hot, sexy love. All of the books I have read by her have ranchers as the heroes–ranchers with some special sexual needs and capabilities. This one is a great example of her work. The men share a ranch with a group of friends that has been forged through many tough times. Most of the men had been in the British army assigned in a made up middle-eastern country where more than one man shares a wife. That way, the wife and kids will never risk being widowed or orphaned. A group of three of them are the focus of this story, they think of themselves as brothers (no M/M sex) and intend to share a wife. But they hadn’t found the right one for the three of them.Read More »

Beast (Norseton Wolves Book 1) by Holley Trent

Beast (Norseton Wolves Book 1) is really good. I mean really. I loved the heroine. She was smart and could get a bit smart-mouthed, too. She had a bad upbringing in a mean pack that didn’t value females. She is small, and apparently that bothered her family’s pack, too. But she is one that makes lemons into lemonade and learned how to do anything she set her mind to. She set her mind to getting out of her home pack, and she had a chance when some pack she never heard of asked for mates. So she went–not knowing where, and not knowing who her mate would be.Read More »

Wanting a Mate (BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) (Quick & Furry Book 5) by Celia Kyle and Mina Carter

This was a cute, sexy short story. The heroine is a BBW human lady with a crazy mother who wants her to get married, so she signs her up for a gathering to meet shifters who are looking for their mate. The hero is a cougar shifter whose dealing with an almost out of control cougar that is ready to find a mate and father some cubs. His mother also seems a bit whack-o.
Luckily for them, there is an immediate attraction and things get sexy really fast. This was a lot of fun, I liked the characters very much, and the dialogue was really funny sometimes. I recommend this story.Read More »

The Wolf You Feed (The Vargr Clan Trilogy Book 1) by Angela Stevens

This is a great story. It definitely isn’t like most wolf shifter romances and is completely unlike werewolf horror stories. I loved it. There is a long time frame covered in this book, so if you love epics, this is definitely the book for you. If you love wolf shifters, this is the book for you, because of how neat it is to see their point of view.Read More »