The Norseton Wolves by Holly Trent. A Four Part Series–So Far!

The Norseton Wolves are a pack made up of the rejects from other wolf shifter packs. Mostly, these men were rejected for being too alpha–they were just too strong for the packs they grew up in–it could have threatened the status quo. They called for wolf shifter women, since they are ready to mate and build up the pack. The Norseton pack Alpha has a good relationship with the Goddess that cares for the wolf shifters, and she directs him which couples belong together. Even though they are brought together for a lot of different reasons, and pure chance, they are true mates. The four stories follow each of the pairs as they discover mated life.

The fourth book, Scion, just released August 14, 2015.Scion by Holly Trent

Werewolf Ashley Madeira’s father wants her to accept a mate within their New Jersey pack, but Ashley knows such an arrangement is doomed to fail. She flees to a strange, new pack in New Mexico to become mate to a random wolf, but as it turns out—her would-be husband is no stranger.

Vic Carbone was ousted from his birthpack as teen along with his parents, and along with the other Norseton Wolves, has spent years on the road living hand to mouth. He can’t believe his old alpha’s daughter would be so clueless about the strife he caused the Carbones. She may be blameless, but he hates everything she stands for.

Old grudges form a seemingly insurmountable wedge between the Madeiras and Carbones, but the wolf goddess will only grant Vic and Ashley with perfect mates once. If they’re to have a hopeful future in the Norseton pack, they must set aside the insults of the past. It may take a small miracle for them to manage it.

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Beast (Norseton Wolves #1)Beast by Holley Trent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is really good. I mean really. I loved the heroine. She was smart and could get a bit smart-mouthed, too. She had a bad upbringing in a mean pack that didn’t value females. She is small, and apparently that bothered her family’s pack, too. But she is one that makes lemons into lemonade and learned how to do anything she set her mind to. She set her mind to getting out of her home pack, and she had a chance when some pack she never heard of asked for mates. So she went–not knowing where, and not knowing who her mate would be.
The hero wasn’t looking for a mate. He had recently been injured and lost the use of one of his eyes. He doesn’t feel worthy of a mate or capable of taking care of one. Good thing our heroine knows just how to take care of him. It is a really nice romance with a bull-headed (but really nice) male and a cunning female who knows how to get what she wants.

Loner (Norseton Wolves Book 2)Loner by Holley Trent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another good story about the Norseton Wolves. Each one is totally ok to read separately, though you learn different things about how werewolves work in each book.
In this story we have a woman who is half-werewolf/half-human. She was not happy in her father’s pack and was led by dreams to trust she would find the right wolf to mate. She accepts an invite to a pack looking for mates. She has a bit of a rough start, being used to wolves judging her for not looking as lean and athletic as they do. And she definitely has a chip on her shoulder when she meets her mate, so she misunderstands him at first.
The hero was raised pretty feral–kicked out of his pack as a young child, so he isn’t good at reading social cues. I really like both the main characters and was really happy when they figured out how to be happy together.

Idler (Norseton Wolves Book 3)Idler by Holley Trent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novella is for those of you who want really strong women. The heroine is a very alpha female werewolf. She feels responsible for her sisters and parents, who are all very submissive. Her pack was very negative for females, and she almost got mated to a bad match in her old pack, but she knew it wasn’t right for her and refused it. Unfortunately, that didn’t help a lot of things, like how the alpha in that pack was going to give her sisters to losers. So she takes a chance and answers the mating call of an unknown pack.
The hero is the one she is chosen to mate to in the new pack. At first, it seems like a bad match to both of them, but they both try and find that there are ways they fit together that work for them. The hero had the nickname of Idler because it always did exactly what was required and no more. She learned how to bring out aspects of him that gave him confidence that the pack was worth doing extra for, and that he and they were worth doing extra for. He brought out aspects of her that allowed her to be more caring and nurturing.
This novella is part of a series, but you can read any one of them or all of them in any order. I strongly recommend it.

Scion (Norseton Wolves Book 4)Scion by Holley Trent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a really good story. It is the fourth couple that came together by chance and the Goddesses choosing. The Norseton wolves are different from many, they aren’t forced to shift with the moon, and they are stronger than most wolves. Our hero is one of them. They are sort of a rag-tag pack, brought together because they were rejected by their birth packs. The hero is also the son of the pack Alpha, and the pack decided it was time there were wives and babies, so they asked for other packs to send them women looking for mates. Unfortunately, there was history between the heroine and the hero–stuff happened between their families when they were young. The heroine didn’t know about it, but the hero thought she did. There was major misunderstanding between them, but they figured it out and figured out how to come together and be a good couple. It was very romantic.

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