The Norseton Wolves by Holly Trent. A Four Part Series–So Far!

The Norseton Wolves are a pack made up of the rejects from other wolf shifter packs. Mostly, these men were rejected for being too alpha–they were just too strong for the packs they grew up in–it could have threatened the status quo. They called for wolf shifter women, since they are ready to mate and build up the pack. The Norseton pack Alpha has a good relationship with the Goddess that cares for the wolf shifters, and she directs him which couples belong together. Even though they are brought together for a lot of different reasons, and pure chance, they are true mates. The four stories follow each of the pairs as they discover mated life.

The fourth book, Scion, just released August 14, 2015.Read More »

Beast (Norseton Wolves Book 1) by Holley Trent

Beast (Norseton Wolves Book 1)┬áis really good. I mean really. I loved the heroine. She was smart and could get a bit smart-mouthed, too. She had a bad upbringing in a mean pack that didn’t value females. She is small, and apparently that bothered her family’s pack, too. But she is one that makes lemons into lemonade and learned how to do anything she set her mind to. She set her mind to getting out of her home pack, and she had a chance when some pack she never heard of asked for mates. So she went–not knowing where, and not knowing who her mate would be.Read More »