July’s Fourth by Alexis Ayres

This is a really fun, sexy short read. I loved the heroine. She is a little older and a little curvier than the other women she works with, and they have an attitude with her, but has a good attitude about everything. She wins an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas for the Fourth of July, and has a lot of fun. It starts out a little bit disappointing, because she gets bumped from her flight, and has to take the next flight, and a guy is a jerk to her. He realizes he was a jerk, and buys her a drink, but then he sits right next to her in the bar, ignoring her. It is a real shame, because he is hot. Then she is stuck sitting next to him on the plane, but he ignores her some more!Read More »

***URGENT ATTENTION NEEDED*** Amazon changing the money rates for authors pay on Kindle Unlimited

I’m hearing from a lot of Indie Authors that make their living off of Amazon.com and Kindle Unlimited that Amazon is making changes without providing them the information they need to make decisions. What they have been told really concerns them.

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Many of you know that I’ve been a HUGE proponent of the Kindle Unlimited program. It’s allowed me to gain a broader readership and new fans who would have never discovered me without being able to borrow my books and take a chance on them through KU.

That said, you may not be aware that Amazon made massive, sweeping changes to the KU program starting today. Beginning today, they will only be paying based on pages read, rather than books borrowed.

This change has left authors in the dark regarding royalties since Amazon isn’t telling us how many readers are borrowing our books or how much we’ll earn for each page read.

How can authors make good business decisions without knowing how much money they are earning? The short answer is, we can’t. And that makes many of us question whether…

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‘Would You Rather…’ Blog Tag

Thank you THE BIBLIOTHÈQUE for the tagging my blog for ‘Would You Rather…’ You should read her excellent blog.

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read stand-alones?
I love to read a series. That way I get to stay in the author’s universe longer. It is hard, though, when I start a trilogy and then find out I have to wait for the next part.Read More »

Couch Surfing with the Billionaire: BBW & Billionaire by Alexis Ayres

This was a fun, sexy short read. It is a complete story though, not just a sex romp. The heroine has to go to Los Angeles for a friend’s wedding festivities, and can’t find a hotel she can afford. She has heard of couch surfing–staying with strangers in their home. She finds a website where people have had background checks, so she decides she is safe. She gets invited to stay over at a billionaire’s house for the weekend. They have emailed back and forth before the weekend, and she knows she really likes him before she gets there. And, when she meets him in person, he is so attractive. He is also a really nice guy. Later she finds out he likes to take charge in the bedroom, and the sex is hot!Read More »

Talent (The Talents Book 1) by Annie B. Matthews

I rarely read young adult novels, but this one really caught my imagination.
This is an excellent book with a very original premise. The heroine has started at a new school, and finds she is very attracted to a boy in his final year. She has always been intuitive about people’s feelings, but discord in the family brings that talent into the forefront and she finds she has special abilities, as does the boy she is attracted to and his family. She has to adjust to these changes in her life, which is difficult, but then more dangerous difficulties arise that can pull them all apart. Fortunately, with her strengths, and the strengths of family and friends, there is a happy conclusion.Read More »

My Father-the Standard to Whom I Compare All Fathers — Part 2

My previous post talked about Dad, now I’ll bring it back to reading, since that is the purpose of my blog. I’ll tell you how my Dad affects how I react to book boyfriends or book fathers.

My parents marriage modeled true love for me. Most relationships I see, and certainly the ones I was in, don’t compare positively.Read More »

My Father-the Standard to Whom I Compare All Fathers

My father was not a great man in any way that would get you written about in the newspaper. But, as a father and husband he was great. No one could state any fact about my Dad I wouldn’t be proud of. He was kind, thrifty, never got drunk, even though he drank beer and wine. He put safety and responsibility first, so he would never drive if he had drunk more than a very conservative amount.

He put family first, worked hard his whole life, Read More »

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Series) by Suzanne Wright

This book is great. The heroine is an alpha wolf shifter who can’t shift (called a latent) and a healer. The hero is an alpha wolf shifter and leader of a pack that can’t always control his wolf. They both had awful childhoods, they both thought they would never get a chance for a true mate. So, when the alpha of another pack claims the heroine with a bite, and Taryn’s father (alpha of her pack) goes along with it, scheduling her mating ceremony against her will, she is open to almost any alternative. The hero offers that alternative via a pretend, temporary mating, because he needs alliances to protect his pack from being taken over. She accepts.Read More »

Free Books from Independent Authors-A Discussion

I love my Indie-authors, and I just want to talk about how they market their books. Authors usually have a full time job until they have a large library of books, and they don’t have a staff of people or a bunch of money to market their books. They are dependent on blogs, readers, newsletters, facebook, twitter, reviews on amazon, bn, kobo, etc. and exceptional book prices to get their books noticed.Read More »