***URGENT ATTENTION NEEDED*** Amazon changing the money rates for authors pay on Kindle Unlimited

I’m hearing from a lot of Indie Authors that make their living off of Amazon.com and Kindle Unlimited that Amazon is making changes without providing them the information they need to make decisions. What they have been told really concerns them.

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Many of you know that I’ve been a HUGE proponent of the Kindle Unlimited program. It’s allowed me to gain a broader readership and new fans who would have never discovered me without being able to borrow my books and take a chance on them through KU.

That said, you may not be aware that Amazon made massive, sweeping changes to the KU program starting today. Beginning today, they will only be paying based on pages read, rather than books borrowed.

This change has left authors in the dark regarding royalties since Amazon isn’t telling us how many readers are borrowing our books or how much we’ll earn for each page read.

How can authors make good business decisions without knowing how much money they are earning? The short answer is, we can’t. And that makes many of us question whether…

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