Woodsman Werebear (Saw Bears Book 6) by T. S. Joyce

I really loved this story of a werebear and a human woman who are both going through a lot, but find each other. It might be the best of the Saw Bears books, but that’s hard to say–I’ve loved them all.The Saw Bears series centers around a group of bear shifters working as lumberjacks. It is a sort of funny setup, they have a trailer park in the woods, and each of them meet their mate through really unusual circumstances. Some of the mates are human, others are shifters, but the romance is always great. This is connected to the Fire Bears series, too. I love it when an author gives me a lot of stories in the same world, but each story can be read as a standalone. If you want the most enjoyment, though, I suggest reading them in order. Each story includes characters from other stories, and you will want to know how they all came to the trailer park.
The heroine is in a really unique position, being a surrogate mother carrying a baby that turns out to have a very unusual background. She is being chased by an ex who turned out to be a murderer, but somehow got parole.
She meets Drew, a werebear, who is having trouble controlling his bear because of grief. It is a really unique situation, but the way it was written made me really feel for both of them and their difficulties.
It is a very romantic story with great characters.
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Danger, betrayal, and redemption come together in the sixth installment in T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Saw Bears series.

Riley Miller is on the run. In an effort to do something nice, she lands right in the middle of danger. A trek to the wilderness will put her under Damon Daye’s protection, but it’ll also dump her in the direct path of one sexy, snarly lumberjack werebear, Drew. His interest is stirring up feelings she’s forgotten exist, but she can’t get too attached to him. She has two weeks to spend in the mountains, and after that, she must leave to reclaim her life back in the city. But the Ashe Crew isn’t making it easy on her. Here, she could find the life she’s been looking for if only her demons would stay in her past.

Drew Hudson is losing his mind. Coming off a devastating loss, he’s doing anything he can think of to keep his inner bear from going stark raving mad, including risky stunts that threaten to expose the Ashe Crew as bear shifters. When a chance encounter with a sexy hitchhiker settles his animal side, he can’t help but wonder about all the secrets Riley Miller is keeping. But when her past unravels little by little, he’ll have to take control of his animal in order to protect her.

And if he can allow this selfless, mind-consuming, tough-as-nails human to soften his heart, he just might find himself again.

Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.
Adult only bear shifter romance.

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