Husband Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire #1) by T. S. Joyce

This story is great. It is a lot deeper than most shifter romances. I really love how the bear shifter has to hibernate and the issues this causes.
Our heroine is a human living on a homestead in the wilds of Alaska. At the start of the book, she is kicking out a worthless boyfriend that hit her. It is near the end of winter, and the boyfriend had giving a lot of her food away to his family, leaving her with almost nothing to eat. There are secrets to come about the boyfriend.
The homestead is a lot of work for one person, so she decides to advertise for a husband. There are no good applicants. Then, a gorgeous, strong man comes to the door. It is our hero, who is a bear shifter. I won’t tell any more, but I loved how we got to see so much of her hard life and how they build a life together and how she finds out about shifters.Read More »

Yoga Bear Menage (BBW Shifter Menage Romance) (Bear Fitness Book 1) by Becca Fanning

Wow, this was fun and sexy. At first it seems like a traditional BBW with a hot, hunky shifter story. Then it gets hotter.
Our heroine takes a hot yoga class taught by a bear shifter, but she has a lot of trouble with some of the poses, and she doesn’t feel beautiful because she is sweating so much. There are skinny women in class who think they are hot sh**, and that intimidates our heroine, too.
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