The Werewolf Proposal by Michelle Fox

I loved reading how Tao proposed to Audrey. This is totally hot, very sexy, very romantic.
Audrey and Tao got together in a previous story full of werewolf attacks, werewolf battles, hiding from the bad guys and humans, dealing with an irresponsible alpha of a previous pack, humans turned to werewolves, love and sexy times.
Those things are not to be expected in this story. This is the story of how the hero proposed to the heroine to have a wonderful happy ever after forever.
If you want to know about how two werewolves make love in human form, this is the story. Reading about spanking? This is the story. Two werewolves loving each other, this is the story. I strongly recommend if you just want hot, sexy, werewolf romance, or if you read the previous book and want the encore.

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Bitten and hunted by the werewolf who turned her, Audrey found safety and love in Tao’s arms. But now that their enemy is defeated, she finds adjusting to life as a werewolf harder than she anticipated.

And even though passion burns hot and bright between them, she’s unsure of Tao’s intentions when it comes to their relationship.

Is she just another werewolf to him or the mate he’s always wanted?

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