Brenna’s Captain by Pamela Murdaugh-Smith

I really enjoyed this book. The beginning was surprising and hot, and the surprises and heat kept coming.
Brenna is an independent, self-reliant young woman who has recurring fantasies about being taken (captured and sexually forced) by a hot pirate captain on the high seas, and her fantasies are very specific and and very sexy. She isn’t in a relationship, her last boyfriend not really doing it for her–too vanilla.
She’s having a drink in the local bar when a large group of bikers ride up. After a while, a really huge, hot biker offers her a drink and they get to talking. He is a very close look-alike for her fantasy pirate captain, and she finds out he is called, “Captain.” She’s really turned on.
What follows is a lot like her fantasy, including being “taken.” It starts our pretty scary for her, as she hadn’t expected such a thing in real, modern life. This story has hot sexual encounters, some very rough stuff, a rather unpredictable, extreme MC, action and love .
I received this book free from the author for feedback. This is an honest review.

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When Brenna runs into a biker who makes her fantasies seem tame, she has to make a hard choice. Will she submit or run? His mission is to find a beautiful woman, dominate her and train her to service his MC known as the FTP. (fear the pain) Her mission is to find the one man who will make her need for fantasies about ruthless pirates obsolete.

The story progresses with ‘Brenna’s Crew’, released in Sept 2014, the 2nd book in the Brenna series. The more Brenna learns, the more power Brenna has!
Book three ‘Brenna’s Club’..coming soon!)

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