Yoga Bear Menage (BBW Shifter Menage Romance) (Bear Fitness Book 1) by Becca Fanning

Wow, this was fun and sexy. At first it seems like a traditional BBW with a hot, hunky shifter story. Then it gets hotter.
Our heroine takes a hot yoga class taught by a bear shifter, but she has a lot of trouble with some of the poses, and she doesn’t feel beautiful because she is sweating so much. There are skinny women in class who think they are hot sh**, and that intimidates our heroine, too.
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Rescued? by the Wolf (Riverford Shifters #1.5) by Cristina Rayne

I read this short story in Shifters Gone Alpha. In fact, I bought that boxed set to get this book, because I had read the first Riverford Shifters book, Transformation (Tempted by the Jaguar #1), and loved it. It is a really neat world. The lion shifters are the bad guys, trying to take over the world, and willing to do any horrible thing to other shifters. They are still hiding from humans, but plan on ruling the humans in the future, too.
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Tempted by the Jaguar: The Complete Edition (Riverford Shifters Book 1) by Cristina Rayne

This story is set in a complex, well-constructed world similar to our modern world, but there are shifters of many kinds.
Our hero is a jaguar shifter, who rescues the heroine from a human serial killer. I really liked Hunter. He is a bit of the strong and silent type, and he has a take-charge attitude. He is very kind to the heroine, who he finds in her jaguar form when he rescues her. Hunter realizes that he doesn’t know her, and makes assumptions about what kind of shifter she is, and he helps her to integrate into the jaguar clan and learn about being a shifter. There is a strong attraction between them, but it is complicated by secrets they both have.
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Wilding (Aesir Shifters BBW Romance Short Book 4) by Erika Masten

This short story was great. I loved the Norse elements. I am really interested in knowing more about this world of Wildings.
The heroine was really cool. Kim is a wildlife expert, very sassy and smart. She is a ranger studying a huge wolf. The wolf has been sighted crossing the continental US from the East Coast to where she is on the West Coast. Kim is so enthralled by the wolf that she wishes for a man as wonderful compared to other men as the wolf is compared to other wolves.
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